Coaching Courses

Social Coaching

Hockey for development starts at social and economic well being on daily issues. Together with specialized non governmental organizations we integrate social, health and economical education in the coach course. Our partners: UN Women and Right to Play. All Africa course coaches will receive a certificate.

Theory and Practice (Social)

We integrate social and economical education into our programs. during the coaching courses. Sport for development starts at well being on daily issues. Together with specialized non governmental organizations we provide education on elementary subjects such as:

Gender Equality / HIV prevention / Health care / Child development / Life skills

Hockey Coaching

Courses are on a level and taget group. Each level contains subjects both practical and theoretical. The course will be executed and prepared by licenced international coaches. They are volunteering for the courses. Part of the program are youth clinics in schools.

Theory and Practice (Hockey)

We will educate these subjects on customized levels: What are the rules? РWhat are clinics? РWhat are exercises? РWhat is Training? РWhat is coaching?  For the higher levels we add: What is goalkeeping? What is the Penalty Corner? What are the Tactics? Techniques and drills we educate on the pitch in the most partical way including assignments. All techniques will be educated in a practical way and the course students will have to execute training forms themeselves.


Students will receive a certificate of the Hockey Coaching Course. The combination of the social and hockey subjects will generate coaches who are able to guide their pupils in a autonomic way. By certifying the coaches, their work will just start. TWENDE Hockey  will guide them along the way of becoming an experienced youth coach. Our local coaching coordinators and head coach will support them on site and on line. In this way, we can provide continuous guidance, feedback and education. We started up a YouTube channel (visualization), and all coaches receve a full year program of exercises!