Hockey as a tool for development

TWENDE Hockey is a no-profit foundation, aiming at

improving the economic and social well-being of children and young adults, especially girls, in Tanzania by means of field hockey

The foundation seeks to achieve its goal by means of the following programs:

  1. Youth Program
  2. Coach & Trainer Program
  3. Sport & Empowerment Program
  1. Youth Program

Introducing field hockey among youngsters, boys and especially girls.

We introduce field hockey at primary schools, secondary schools, (youth) communities and universities. We organize field hockey clinics for schoolchildren and their sport instructors. 

These clinics are being performed by our local and international trainers. 

We enable children and youngsters to engage in sports. Sport works decriminalizing promotes a sense of belonging to a group and provides a healthy challenge.

Research in criminology has proven that involvement in sports plays a preventive role against juvenile delinquency.

Sport is negatively associated with criminal behavior because it includes protective factors such as improved levels of self-esteem and confidence, the development of coping skills and excitement achieved through non-delinquent activities.

Mastering a new sport is great, but it’s even more challenging to test yourself against other teams!

Therefore, we organise various tournaments for schools and a real youngster competition.

Also, during these events, we educate players in various social and economic topics, together with our local partners.

Offering a sportive challenge, these matches contribute to the players’ motivation to continue playing sports. Besides that, this program contributes to the awareness and popularity of hockey in general and attracts new players. 


  1. Coach & Trainer Program

Training local coaches and accompany them along the way to become independent trainers.

We educate local hockey trainers and coaches. Many of them are schoolteachers. We train them to become independent hockey trainers and so being able to organise attractive training sessions at their schools.

We also educate the more experienced players to become hockey trainers so they can provide training to youth and young adults. 

We developed a customized, tailor-made coach and trainers’ program, translated in Swahili.

In 2017, the International Olympic Committee donated $30,000 to allow us to expand into other cities and to organize more courses for trainers and coaches.

Regularly, we organise knowledge exchange with experienced foreign trainers and coaches (volunteers).

Till today, we have trained more than 80 coaches to run our program.


  1. Sports & Empowerment Program

Field Hockey as the means to a better and more valuable existence.

To the trainers that we educated, we offer the possibility to become (remunerated) trainer at the schools. By offering these jobs, we help young Tanzanians to improve their economic situation. While unemployment rate in the urban areas tops 22,3%, over 800,000 young men and women enter the labor market every year! 

We also promote social wellbeing and empowerment by means of workshops that we organise during the training-courses in collaboration with specialised Ngo’s like UN Women and Right to Play.

The issues that we cover in those workshops are i.e.:

  • HIV prevention
  • Sexuality
  • Health care
  • Gender equality
  • Education of children
  • Micro entrepreneurship

As an example, we celebrated, together with UN Woman, the international Women Day. The theme was “Step it up for gender equality”; sport doesn’t discriminate between sex, religion, race. That’s why we celebrated Women Day during a hockey tournament in which young girls and men (under 21 years) participate playing in mixed teams. 

We focus especially on participation of girls; we support their search for control and a better life by offering the possibility to become trainer. We also grant micro credits to start up their own activity.