Hockey for Development

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You will be building on development with just one focus: improve the social and economic well being of youth and youngsters in Tanzania by means of Field Hockey. Let's start this journey together with you and coaches in Tanzania.

Planned activities

1. Support local Tanzanian coaches and teachers in developing and implementing training for kids, youth, communities and schools

2. Support project fund raising, organize sport events at national and international level

3. Support on the realization of training programs for local coaches and school teachers


Hockey Coaching Experience

Organizational capacities

European citizenship

Initiative & problem solving

Understanding of the cultural situation

Place of work

Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)

With trips to other Regions


Duration = 12 months

Start date in consultation

Cost on your expense

Flight to Sicily (interview)

Costs on our expense

Flight to and from Tanzania

Education & preparations

Monthly compensation

Accommodation & Transportation


Swahili language course

Supervision & Coordination

CO.P.E. staff

TWENDE Hockey experts

TWENDE Hockey foundation

Local volunteers

Local hockey associations

More information projects in Tanzania?

All information about TWENDE Hockey programs and projects you will find on this website. Please take notice. Part of this job opportunity is reporting to TWENDE Hockey and subscribing our dreams and policy. 

Screening & Education

You will be screened and educated carefully. Part of the screening is an interview with the experts of CO.P.E and an interview by TWENDE Hockey. The screening and the education will take place in Sicily. The interview will be on line.

Country Manager

Development Expert

Coaching Expert

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