Course Coach


Always wanted to visit Tanzania?

Always wanted to train hockey coaches and schoolchildren? Are you an inspiring hockey coach? This is a good opportunity for you!!! 

Hockey for Development

We are building on development with just one focus: improve the social and economic well being of youth and youngsters means of Field Hockey. Let's start this journey together with you.

Train, play and enjoy

You will educate Tanzanian (beginning) hockey coaches, give clinics at schools and build a lasting relationships. You will stay in an African guesthouse and will be supported by our program manager.

Life changing experience!

A good balance between hockey, global citizenship and charity. 

Terms for applying:

To experience this unique opportunity we ask:

€1.100,- to cover costs 

€250,- donation for the project

Collect field hockey equipment

Cover costs = flight, stay in local hostel, meals, safe travelling and preparations (based on a 9 day stay)

Looking for a longer stay?

Press the 'apply/question' button and we will help you organizing your dreams.