Hockey & Gender Equality!
Together with United Nations WOMEN!

Step it up for gender equality
JMK park Dar Es Salaam celebration of women’s day trough sports. Participation of 7 primary and secondary schools for a total of 700 girls, playing different sports (football, field hockey, volleyball, basketball) and taking part to training sessions about reproductive health, HIV and leadership. 
We have welcome about 100 girls to played hockey for the first time!  - Happy women’s day !!

2016 - Step it up for gender equality

This year Hockey Tanzania project has got the amazing oppotunity to celebrate the International Women Day in collaboration with UNWOMEN Tanzania! The theme of the event has been "Step it up for gender equality". Hockey, as all the sports, has the power to equalize people of different gender, race, age, social background. We celebrated the women day with a mix hockey tournament where the young men and women hockey players U21 played together, in gender mixed teams. 
Our sponsor NMB was with us to celebrate this fantastic event! thank you UN WOMEN and thank You NMB to support women and youth participation in sport! #Tanzania#IWD2016 #twendehockey