How We Work

Field Hockey As Tool For Development

Social & Economic
TWENDE Hockey - Social & Economical

Together with specialized non governmental organizations we provide education on elementary topics:

  • Gender Equality

  • HIV prevention

  • Health Care

  • Child development

  • Life skills

TWENDE Hockey - Sport & Development

We organize hockey events; hockey as tool for providing self-supporting coaches by:

  • Coaching Courses for new coming coaches and sport teachers

  • Clinics at schools and distribution of hockey and training  equipment

  • Local sports events, tournaments & league

TWENDE Hockey - Cooperation

Together with local, national and international organizations, we organize events to stimulate sustainability in partnering with:

  • Communities, Schools and Universities

  • (non) Governmental Organizations

  • Hockey Associations

  • Business & Intern. Network


During our hockey events we train the team leaders and their players in different social and economic issues. Once they are back in their region, they will involve their community members by training them on what they have learned. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the region's hockey equipment.


We collect hockey equipment. We distribute the equipment among collaborating communities. The community, coaches and players will be responsible for sharing the materials. In this way a large number of players can enter the game.