Possibilities of Cooperation

Will you help making the next steps?

Our concept is proven to be successful. The next step is to roll out our concept in other regions, creating more sustainability, continuity and self-reliance. We can only take these next steps with financial support of third parties.

We have several ways of collaboration

We offer many possibilities to cooperate with you. Purpose is to enforce efforts on similarities. Become a part of the TWENDE Hockey dream and we will be on this yourney together: improvement of the well being of youth in Africa.

Collaborate on similarities of goals established in an agreement

Contribute to the general goals of the foundation monetary or in kind

Commitment to one of our programs on reciprocal base established in an agreement

Collect sports equipment in order to be shipped to Africa and distributed 

Contribute to a (part of a) project established in a project agreement

Gifts are deductible of tax income, we have obtained the ANBI status.