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The Executive Board is responsible for the management (general as well as financial), the administration, and the internal and external communication. The foundation has a board consisting of a chairman, secretary, treasurer and program manager. The board members don’t receive any remuneration for their work. The board appoints the directors for an indefinite period. The names of the board members are listed on the website. The board is responsible for the daily operation of the foundation and ensures the implementation of administrative decisions. The Board is authorized to appoint new directors taking into account the guidelines in the Articles of Association.

Respect, integrity, professionalism, care and safety are in the broadest sense of paramount importance. That means that conflict between personal interests and the board membership and your commitment to the foundation is sharply monitored. If applicable, the Board will take appropriate measures in accordance with the statutes.

The board meets at least six times per year and further as often as two or more board members deems this appropriate. Minutes are being made of all board meetings.

To achieve our objectives, collaboration with stakeholders is required. With stakeholders we obtain (long term) collaborations. As a result, we bring the right energy, knowledge and results together. We help each other within the correct network and relationships. New projects and initiatives we advise in drafting and implementing their project plans. And we can introduce them to the appropriate parties.

The foundation has been granted the ANBI status by the Dutch Tax Authorities, meaning the acknowledgement that at least 95% of our activities serve a general purpose. Having this status, means that donations are deductible from taxable income.

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation. In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation will generate donations, sponsorships, and acquire volunteers. The board is accountable for its financial policy over a calendar year. The financial year runs from January 1st to December 31st. The annual accounts will be published no later than April 1st on the website.

TWENDE hockey is committed to active communication with interested parties. Our website and FaceBook-page are the primary communication channels. We will update programs, initiatives, progress, volunteers and (financial) results frequently. We organize events for interested parties. Word of mouth is very effective to reach the right audience. 'Be good and tell it' is our position.


  • TWENDE Hockey
  • Onsenoortsestraat 17
    5253 AA Nieuwkuijk, The Netherlands
    Bank: NL74RABO 0306875004

Established in 2015 in the Netherlands by notarial deed

Chamber of Commerce number: 64297160.

RSIN / Fiscal number: 855604347