Results & Objectives

We are on this road together

Annual Report 2016

WeI are proud and privileged, being on board of TWENDE Hockey. Proud, when we see what we have achieved in our first year. The plans we made have been carried out. It illustrates that there is a good spirit among all involved, working towards to sustainable development. And respect for our Tanzanian friends who accepted the challenge to build themselves a better future. It is a privilege being part of this dream, knowing that we are on the right track. Asante Sana!

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Annual Plan 2017

We are ambitious in our goals, together with our partners, donors, sponsors, supporters and collectors in both Africa and Europe. We have set a solid basis to move on. New plans have been made and there is a lot of motivation and good energy. In the coming year, we count on the support of all collaborating parties and volunteers. We are on this road together, the road to development of the Tanzania youth by the means of field hockey.

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