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Hockey as tool for development

Our goal: Improve the social and economic well-being of youth and youngsters in Africa by means of Field Hockey. In Swahili 'TWENDE' means 'Let's go!' It is an invitation to go, to move forward towards development. Please join us on our journey, hockey as tool for lasting development, we can make a change.

See who we are and what we do

Sport & Development
We organize Field Hockey clinics, leagues, tournaments & courses. Hockey as a tool for development in autonomous coaches & players.
TWENDE Hockey - Development Hockey Tanzania

We promote sports at schools

Social & Economical
We integrate social & economical topics into our programs & events. Sport for development starts at well being on daily issues.
TWENDE Hockey - Social & Economical Africa

We organize social and economic events

Collaborate & Share
We collaborate with local organisations to obtain sustainability. We collect and than distribute equipment among communities in Africa.
TWENDE Hockey - Collaborate & Share

We help the local organizations