Welcome at TWENDE Hockey

Hockey for development in Tanzania

Hockey as tool for Development

Our goal: Improve the social and economic well-being of youth in Africa by means of Field Hockey.

In Swahili 'TWENDE' means 'Let's go!' It is an invitation to go, to move forward towards development. You are most welcome to join us on our journey. 

School and Sport

We enable youth and young adults to engage in sports (field hockey) within their school. Sport works decriminalizing and promotes a sense of belonging to a group. Continuity of this program can only be guaranteed if local sportteachers, trainers and coaches will execute, with the right education and guidance and the right means like proper material and facilities.

Work and Sport

We offer players the opportunity to become a coach at schools and communities. We offer coach education and compensation so they are able become self-supporting in social and economical way. During our education we will focus on social well being of the students; they are the role models for the youth, which they guide and coach.

Empowerment and Sport

We organize and support competitions. We offer players and coaches the possibility of pursuing self-actualization by participating in these competitions. In this way they stay motivated and connected with field hockey and the hockey community. This will inspire (new) young athletes and contribute to the popularity of field hockey.