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Hockey as tool for development

TWENDE Hockey aims to improve the economic and social well being of youth young in Africa by means of Field Hockey. In Swahili 'TWENDE' means 'Let's go!' It is an invitation to move forward towards development. Please join us on our journey; we can make a change.
TWENDE Hockey - Development Hockey Tanzania

School & Sport

We enable children & youngsters to engage in sport (field hockey). Sport works decriminalizing, promotes a sense of belonging to a group and provides a healthy challenge.

TWENDE Hockey - Collaborate & Share

Work & Sport

We educate hockey coaches & we offer them the opportunity to become (remunerated) trainers at schools. During our courses we also educate them on “life skills”; they will be roll models for the kids they will be training!

TWENDE Hockey - Social & Economical Africa

Empowerment & Sport

We offer pursuing self-realization by participating in leagues. Playing in competition will increase the awareness and popularity of hockey; it will inspire the next generation.


Development through sports (field hockey).

Happy new year wishes

We wish you to succeed in your 365 new chances for 2018.